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About a4stirli

Providing enriching, engaging international experiences to students of the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University and promoting Global Science Citizens.

Global Science Citizen (GSC) Program – Faculty of Science, Ryerson University

An exciting new research exchange agreement has  been signed with the University College London (UCL) and Ryerson University between the School of Pharmacy and the Department of Chemistry & Biology, Physics (Medical Physics), and Ryerson to facilitate the reciprocal exchange for visiting Pharmacy students engaged in pharmacy related research projects and research related learning experiences/projects for students within the Faculty of Science – Ryerson.

Global Science Citizen (GSC) Program

The newly created brand ‘Global Science Citizen (GSC)’ program endeavours to promote, develop and recognize the student who

  • is aware of the wider world and has a sense of their own role as a world University College London (1827-9), by William Wilkins and J Gandy Deeringcitizen
  • respects and values diversity
  • has an understanding of how the world works
  • is outraged by social injustice
  • participates in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global
  • is willing to act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place

As an international student enrolled in science disciplines the Global Science Citizen will develop a better awareness, understanding and recognition of the value science has during the international study experience. This will help to develop active learning methods, cross-cultural learning and critical thinking skills important to address global science challenges influencing our world today.

UCL 1The inaugural outbound experience and Global Science Citizen (GSC) student – James Burns – undergraduate biology student is spending a summer at the University of College London (UCL) conducting undergraduate research under the supervision of Dr. Shozeb Haider – a UCL excellence fellow in computational medicinal chemistry.

On behalf of the Faculty of Science we wish you well with your experiential learning while enjoying the new and exciting sites of London, England!

Looking forward to hearing more from the first GSC Ambassador.