Dear Reader

Hello, if you are reading this welcome to my first blog post. I am Kelvin Urbina. I am a 20 year old B.Sc candidate in chemistry at Ryerson University. I am participating on a university exchange in which I am conducting research in pharmacy from May 3rd – August 25th at the University College London (UCL) in London, England. I hope you find this blog post and others I post relatable in some aspects and inspirational in others.


Self Reflection

Do you know how university teaches you things in addition to the actual knowledge you are learning? For example, one learns how to effectively manage their time, as it may be like do or die if you cannot. You learn how to balance your life in a variety of different aspects such as being able to work, have time for yourself, and see your friends. My experience abroad in London may be compared to being a university student back in Toronto in that sense. I find myself being so open to new experiences, open to meeting new people, and being so very unapologetically myself. I frequently take time to self-reflect on what I had experienced that day, what I felt, why I felt that way, and so on. I am able to see the beauty in every experience and every person I meet. I feel at peace.

Stay tuned for further blog posts where I will discuss what a blessing this experience has been so far in different aspects of science, the friends I have made, and the culture.

With love, from the United Kingdom,

— Kelvin







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