Summer is in full swing here in London, and everyone is seizing the opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible. The past few weeks have been filled with new ideas, discovery, and exploration in the lab as well as in the city.

I have been welcomed with open arms by a fantastic group of post-grad and doctoral students from across Asia and Europe, finding common ground in the School of Pharmacy as our home-away-from-home and a constant environment of high energy, passion, and comradery. It has been great meeting students from the Erasmus program, which not unlike the GSC program has global togetherness at its core with the goal of expanding our scholastic and cultural boundaries. The School of Pharmacy also overwhelmingly holds these values to heart, and I feel so lucky every day to be among people that have all been brought together for science but have built real friendships and memories in the process.

Enjoying a break with other students at the Brunswick Square Gardens

Enjoying a lunch break with other students at the Brunswick Square Gardens

We also have a lot of fun here in London! Every lunch, weekend or after a long day in the lab, one of us has proposed an outing or get together – and it has been a blast getting to know the city with fellow first-timers. Sharing phrases and cultural foods from our hometowns at our international potlucks (A very Canadian term apparently!) or learning about customs, art, and history from the European and Asian delegates at the local museums have both been exciting experiences unique to the opportunity of being here.

My research area has expanded, and I’ve been eagerly learning new software, coding in new languages and exploring new techniques every week. I definitely thrive in an environment where I can work hands-on to solve problems and collaborate with others, and every day is full of excitement and activity. I love everything I’ve been able to partake in, and I can’t wait to learn more!


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