As this is my first post, I may as well give you all an introduction into what this blog is about, who I am, and why I’ve made my way across the ocean to spend summer at school!

My name is James, I am a Ryerson Undergraduate Biology student and living in London, England for the summer as an inaugural member of the Global Science Citizen (GSC) program. See here for more information regarding my involvement and the vision of the GSC program.

The sun is shining at the UCL School of Pharmacy

The sun is shining at the UCL School of Pharmacy

Today has been another glorious “London” day, which seem to dance the fine line between sudden downpours and awe-inspiring, glistening vistas when the sun peeks out to light up the city. The excitement that comes with experiencing a new place is undoubtedly a perk of the GSC program, but only scratches the surface.

I am currently working, learning and experimenting in the drug discovery lab supervised by Dr. Shozeb Haider at the University College London School of Pharmacy.

Human Telomeric Quadruplex found by UCL Professors

Computer Model in Pymol of 1KF1 Human Telomeric Quadruplex DNA

I have taken a personal interest in G-Quadruplex DNA, particularly with regards to the discovery and application of new medical therapies. One key goal of current research into G-Quadruplex DNA is to decode and harness its role in biological processes, as well as its involvement when those processes malfunction – like in the mutation and rampant division of cancerous cells.

I work in a lab with a group of Post Grad students, all working with Dr. Haider on separate computational modeling and bioinformatics projects. Currently, there are 3 students from China, one from Iran and one from the US. They’re brilliant and hardworking people, all with their own stories, passions, and experiences. In its own fantastic way, the group we have here stands as a microcosm of the intent of the GSC program – students uniting from all parts of the world, far from politics or prejudice, working together to make the world a better place through science and education.

Reading up on Quadruplex formalism

In the Lab, reading up on Quadruplex Structures

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of the GSC experience so far has been working with and around some of the leading doctors and researchers on my topic. It’s impossible to not be beyond motivated in the company I find myself in, and the passionate and cooperative environment I have been so lucky to be part of. It also feels pretty awesome to turn to books and papers penned by my supervisor and his colleagues, or to have an ongoing correspondence with researchers that designed the framework my research is based on.

The opportunity to work on a leading-edge topic with emerging computational techniques and latest technology has been truly life-changing, and the Global Science Citizen program has made my involvement possible.

I can’t wait to share more of my experiences and adventures here in the weeks to come, I hope you have as much fun as I do!

– James

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